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BRT Extrusions is one of the top full-service aluminum extrusion companies in Northeast USA.  BRT Extrusions offers comprehensive aluminum extrusion solutions for our customers.  With two 7” 1,675-ton presses, one 8” 2000-ton press, one 8” 2200-ton extrusion press, one 8″ 2500-ton extrusion press an AAMA 2603 electrostatic paint operation, thermal barrier line, precision re-cutting, custom packaging, inhouse die maintenance, anodizing, powder coating, and fabrication services, we can offer our customers a custom quality product while still meeting your specific delivery requirements.  Please review BRT Extrusions capabilities below:

Standard Alloys

BRT offers the following alloys:
6061: T4 and T6 6063: T4, T52, T5, T6 6005: T5

Design & Development

Our talented team of experts in the extrusion, tool & die, finishing and the fabrication of aluminum extruded products. We look forward to helping our customers with extrusion solutions.


BRT can provide anodize solutions for lengths up to 32’ and can accommodate parts from 60” tall and 30” wide.  Offering both caustic and acid etch anodizing.

Electrostatic Paints

BRT uses an advanced electrostatic vertical paint line which is capable of painting extrusion lengths up to 20 feet.  Our vertical system is very efficient and produces a high-quality AAMA 2603 paint finish.


We offer finishing services which includes wet paint, powder coating and anodizing for our aluminum extrusions


We provide our customers recut services to customer’s specification.  We also offer punching, stamping, and notching in addition to thermal barrier and de-bridge.

Custom Packaging

BRT offers packaging of extrusions to customer specifications. This includes bare, hard cardboard, custom carton, kitting as well as other custom packaging services.

Tool & Die

Our in-house die team expertly maintains, inventories, inspects and adjusts extrusion dies.  BRT partners with die makers who utilize state of the art equipment to produce quality precision dies.

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