• Aluminum Extrusions
  • Fabricated
  • Mill Finish
  • Anodized
  • Painted
  • Thermal Fill
  • Re-Cut

BRT Extrusions offers a wide range of Standard extruded shapes, as well as Custom designs in several grades of Aluminum Alloys and Tempers.

Alloys and Tempers
 6005 T1
• 6005 T5

• 6061 T1, T4, and T42
• 6061 T6, T62 and T6511

• 6063 T1, T4, and T42
• 6063 T52 
• 6063 T5 
• 6063 T6 

Standard & Custom-shaped Extrusions

Standard Extrusions - To provide customers with a multitude of extruded shapes, BRT offers numerous solid and hollow shapes from our Standards catalog (see links below).

angles Standard Angles bar sharpStandard Bars with Sharp Corners bars round corners Standard Bars with Round Corners
channels Standard Channels with Sharp and Round Corners rods Standard Rods tubes sharp Standard Tubes with Sharp Corners
tubes round Standard Tubes with Round Corners rectangle tubes sharp corners Standard Rectangle Tubes with Sharp Corners tubes round Standard Rectangle Tubes with Round Corners
round tubes Standard Round Tubing teesStandard Tees  


Custom Product Shapes - BRT can custom design specific shapes per customers requirements. Please contact our Sales department for further information.