We are very proud of our extrusion facility in Niles, Ohio.

BRT Extrusions, Inc. was established by our two owners, Roy Smith and William Fusco, in 2005 who both have an extensive background in the industry as introduced below. This facility started out as a small One Press operation that has (thanks to our customers) grown into a Four Press operation giving BRT Extrusions the opportunity to offer many local jobs and give back to the community.

Roy Smith is the former owner and operator of a tool and die shop. He has been manufacturing extrusion dies for the last 34 years. He is part owner in BRT Extrusions Inc. and has 40 years of experience in the extrusion industry. Roy is the President of BRT Extrusions, Inc. and oversees the administration of the company.

William Fusco has 40 years experience in the industry. Prior to BRT, he was the Extrusion Manager for an extrusion plant for 15 years and was involved with the start up of the plant in 1988. William and Roy are partners in BRT Extrusions Inc. William is the Vice President of BRT Extrusions, Inc. and oversees the manufacturing operation of the company.